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The Mailboat Dog

In a picturesque lake town in Wisconsin lives Izzy, an ambitious, scruffy-faced dog. Izzy is determined to be the first dog to ever deliver the mail by boat.


This adventurous story takes you on a journey aboard America’s oldest Mailboat that, with the help of mail jumpers, has delivered mail for over 100 years. Izzy is ready to be the first mail jumper dog! This brave canine is ready to prove that she has what it takes to beat the odds and officially become The Mailboat Dog.

Ships in 1-2 business days.

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Alicia Boemi (5 x 3 in) (3).png

The Safety Patrol Dog

In the second installment of The Lake Dog Adventure Series, Izzy is determined to become a brave crew member of the Safety Patrol. Izzy meets Kish, the yellow labrador, who teaches Izzy how to become a Safety Patrol dog. During their adventure together they learn about the importance of safety on the lake.

This story takes you on a new Geneva Lake adventure with two brave canines. Read all about how Izzy is ready to prove she has what it takes to become The Safety Patrol Dog. 

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children's book author

Alicia Boemi

Alicia Boemi is the creator of the Lake Dog Adventures and Sue Dog children's book series. The Mailboat Dog is the first installment of the Lake Dog Adventure series. Stinky Sue is the first book from the Sue Dog Series.

Meet the Characters of
The Mailboat Dog







Illustrations by Joan Zander Millard

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